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My Menu


Ham and Cheese Omlet Sausage and Cheese (eggs optional) Sandwhich
Chacolate Chip Pancakes French Toast
Make your own Pankakes Make you own Omlet
(server will tell you options of the make your own)


Grilled Cheese and tomato soup Mac and Cheese
Brocoli and cheddar soup House salad
Soup de Jour BLT wrap
Cheese Burger Rodeo Burger


Meet Loaf Ribs with sweet corn and salt potatos
Chicken parm with spagetti and Italion bread Chicken Piccata with linguini and lemon butter sause
Crab meat stuffed fillet of Soule with crumb topping Grilled salmon with a lemon dill sause.
(You can also order off the Lunch menu)

Chrsitopher O'Connor