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MY News

The Effect of COVID-19 vs. Our Local Little League

I have either played Baseball or been an umpire in the Spring since I was 4 years old. BUT, this year has been different.

This year has been different becasue well, you probly know why. Since coronavirus came around there has been no Baseball, what so ever. When ever I'm driving by a baseball feild all I see is a desert landscape with tall grass and clouds of dust. Since no one has been playing, there has been ahs been no reason for the fields to be taken care of. In my town the community has always been a strong supporter of Little League. My friends have always talked about our games the next day when we went to school It has been SOOOOOOOOOOO big in my life but this year it didnt come.

A few weeks ago our Govenor Andrew Cuomo allowed Little Leauge in my area to open in late July. I was very exited you would not believe it. I am an Umpire now becasue I have aged out of Little League. I Can't Wait to get back on the field and Play Ball

Chrsitopher O'Connor